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Alec Lemmon

The Better Path

“What would you do with your life if money were no object?” Alec Lemmon was sitting in a Master’s class in Organizational Leadership when his professor challenged the class with that question. It burn...Read More

Artem Lim

The Movies Come to Life

It’s a common theme in movies. The main character is battling through adversity, with challenges coming from every direction. He perseveres, showing tremendous courage and extraordinary talent to avoi...Read More

Michael Bishop

A Reward for a Job Well Done

Michael Bishop is going into the College Football Hall of Fame in a ceremony is Las Vegas tonight! It’s an honor that’s well-deserved and long-overdue. It’s not a stretch to say that Bishop had a big ...Read More

Jerome Tang

Leading With His Heart

Jerome Tang does not wear his faith on his sleeve. He’s much more obvious about it than that. Tang, the head men’s basketball coach at Kansas State University, begins almost every press conference wit...Read More


Coaching With Purpose

Ryan Krzykowski grew up in southwest Florida, an ideal place to grow up if you love sports. The weather is great pretty much year-round. Other than the occasional tropical storm, there’s little that c...Read More

Oleksandr Pastuhov


Life was good for Oleksandr “Sasha” Pastukhov. He was a successful Greco-Roman wrestling coach and journalist in Ukraine. He coached local athletes in Kyiv and covered Ukrainian athletes around the wo...Read More

Vernon Fox

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Vernon Fox was the last one to leave the football facility that night. He was still new as the head football coach at Faith Lutheran High School in Las Vegas, and he and his staff were spending long h...Read More

Kira Stevens

Ignoring Hurdles

Kira Stevens doesn’t worry about hurdles. Not just because there are no events in the Paralympics that include hurdles. She’s just never let hurdles get in the way. Stevens was born three months prema...Read More

Ashton Logn

Built On a Solid Rock

In the past three seasons, Ashton Logan has played football in three different conferences. Next year he’ll add a fourth. About the only constant in Logan’s life is change. I said about. “The only thi...Read More

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